Speech by refugees from Fallersleben 01.12.2012

This presentation is written by refugees from the camp in Fallersleben/Wolfsburg
Speech for the demonstration in Hanover 1st Dec. 2012
My fellow refugees and Asylum-seekers
Supporters and activists, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Greets to you all.

We are here today to demonstrate for the truth, equity and justice. And we are here to inform the public about our situation on this voucher-system of paying us. This is an inhuman practice and another way to discriminate us. You will see this, if you want to use these vouchers.

Mostly it's a very big shame onto us like if we want to buy something like some food, post stamps, bus- and train-tickets, telephone-cards, internet or anything else, and we have no real money like everyone else around us. Everybody can see that we are obviously not living like normal people.

Some shops accept this voucher, some don´t at all. If they do accept the voucher, you don´t get any change of money back. Then you have to buy more because of the shop conditions from the voucher. Sometimes we have to leave the change of money from vouchers, many times these vouchers will expire in our hands, because one can´t buy what he wants with it and we can only spend it in our city, because it´s not allowed using in other cities. Because of all these problems, maybe we have to buy something over or even what we don´t need, instead of buying what we want at the moment. In August 2012 we heard from the radio and television-news that the federal government has increased the money for the refugees in Germany but most of us are not getting this money complete, as we heard from the news. Like in Fallersleben refugee-camp, most of us get only 236€ in a month instead of the amount announced by the federal government. And the same time we receive almost 70%-Voucher and some little money without any good reason.
We don´t know if it´s business or special interest by the government of Lower-Saxony, as we receive this vouchers, we are also direct where to spend it.

When we stay at the pay point to pay with the vouchers, sometimes we have to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes, while the cashier will be running up and down, throughout the whole shop to get the information, whether the vouchers will be accept or not, and to what conditions too.

With this voucher-system of paying us we are still under the control of the politics here in Lower-Saxony. This is real practices of racism and these laws violate the refugees-rights, especially the right to a minimum of social-cultural Life, the fundamental right to protection of human dignity, the fundamental right to self-fundamental right to freedom.

We don´t understand why the government spend much money to print this vouchers, instead of the government spending this money directly on us? For examples in other states in Germany like Hamburg, Berlin, Hessen etc., they pay money directly not vouchers. It´s a fact that it´s cheaper for the government and maintain the law of humanity.

Thank you!

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